Uncool Gallery



Established in 2018, Uncool Artist has evolved into a dynamic artist-run community that embodies diverse perspectives from creators worldwide. Uncool Gallery, set to officially open in June 2024, is governed by its artists as a board of members. This board actively decides on our projects, positioning, partnerships, and shapes the gallery’s future. Notably, we are structured as an LLC, ensuring true independence in our governance rather than adhering to a non-profit model. Our unwavering commitment to fostering meaningful connections and driving collaborative projects is at the core of our ethos. Here, artists actively challenge the conventional artist-gallery relationship, promoting mutual support and growth.

With a storefront strategically located in front of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, our gallery serves as a dynamic hub for artistic expression and exposure. We extend a firm invitation for you to visit our space, where artistic innovation and collaboration flourish, and the artist’s voice takes center stage. Experience firsthand how Uncool Gallery disrupts traditional paradigms, empowering artists with complete control over their careers. Immerse yourself in a community dedicated to ethical practices, collaboration, and the empowerment of artists. We eagerly anticipate your presence at our upcoming show.


Operating hours: Thursday to Saturday, 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, excluding holidays, or by appointment.

Uncool Gallery is located on

162 Flushing Ave, 1st floor
Brooklyn – NY



If you are interested in visiting, becoming an associate board member, presenting a project, or exploring partnership opportunities, please contact us using the form below.