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William Martinez Brito

William Martinez Brito, born in Havana, Cuba, in 1968, is a creator with a wide artistic diapason that reflects his devotion for creativity and expression. He graduated from “Vocational Art School” and “Professional Art School” in Cuba. His contributions extend beyond personal exhibitions, as he actively participated in collective art shows, both nationally and internationally. His involvement in the 2010 “Pintando Together” auction event at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, where proceeds benefited the Matamoros Corporation, showcased his commitment to using art for charitable causes. Additionally, Brito participated in different art shows through the years including Art Basel Week in 2010, contributing to the Coral Gables Gallery Walk and Art in the Breezeway, the Schacknow Museum of Fine Art in Plantation, Florida. His artistic journey also includes performances, like the 1988 “La Campana de Toledo” in
Camaguey, adding a dynamic element to his repertoire.

He is consistent in his artistic projection trying to present some new topics, and reflections according to his very particular way to see a few toxic environments and life.