Uncool Gallery

Isolde Kille

Isolde Kille is a multidisciplinary artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, whose work is primarily centered around painting and video. She received her MFA in fine arts from the University of Art Berlin in Germany (Honor’s Meisterschueler). Her work has been shown in exhibitions throughout the United States and Germany, including, New York, New Mexico, California in the US and Berlin, Cologne in Germany.

Much of her practice is informed by her interest in the transition of analog and digital realms, while each artwork is reflecting her internal experience in dialog with the environment. She often disguises herself, wearing her paintings as coats, using her sculptures as healing and sound devices, to create an alter ego, since making art takes on a more ritualistic process. Are we making the image, or is the image making us? As an artist she is more driven by discovery instead of results. Therefore, her artworks are in a constant flux between processes and products, challenging questions of impermance and coming into existence.