Uncool Gallery

Elizabeth Chapin

Born in Mississippi, Chapin received her BFA at the University of Virginia and also studied at The Parson School of Design in Paris. Her work has been exhibited across the United States including New York City; Houston, TX; Austin, TX; New Orleans, LA; Nashville, TN; and Jackson, MS, among others. In 2020, she was awarded a residency in Florence, Italy, through Feminist Art Collective Toronto.  In 2022, she was offered a 3 year mentorship under the acclaimed artists Shahzia Sikander and Holly Hughes. In 2023, Chapin was invited to participate in the biennial Sculpture Month Houston.  Her solo exhibition Treespell opened January 27, 2024 at Women and Their Work in Austin, TX, where she lives and works.

Elizabeth Chapin is a contemporary artist whose paintings explore the intimacy of bodies (human, arboreal and vegetal) –  bodies as expansive environments – intra-connected,  both containing and leaking within each other.  This intimacy dissolves the illusion of gaze– of artist/subject and subject/viewer.  Chapin sees archetype and myth as a way of holding our seemingly distinct experiences and bodies in the thicker flow of everything.  Social media, the religion of identity, a modern mythology, perpetuates and broadcasts “self”, offering playful creativity,  but also exile, distorting what it means to be connected, while maintaining systems of separateness.  Chapin responds to these ideas with restless paintings that become bodies, tumble off the wall, fold into themselves, into you and into each other, paintings co-becoming.